Refacing Program

Elias Woodwork and Canadian Lumber are working together to bring the most value to our clients wanting to give their cabinetry a make-over. Come in and view our Cabinet Refacing Program with endless options for design, material and textures.  Why not give your kitchen or bathroom a completely new look for a fraction of the cost of replacement?


Refacing Program Brochure

Arched Raised Panel Valence

Custom Dovetail Box

Dovetail Box

Dovetail Cherry Box with Utensil Option B

E500 101 (57.2) N D10 – Maple MDF – Sandstone (Winslow)

E500 101 (57.2) O A – Rustic Walnut – Clear Lacquer (Charleston)

E500 201 (57.2) U J AM11 – Maple MDF – Charcoal with Artisan Licorice Glaze (Victoria)

E500 301 (57.2) P2D B – Select White Maple – CC Butterscotch W3-7709 (Modesto)

E500 501 (57.2) P2D K – Vertical Carbonized Bamboo – CC Chocolate Truffle W3-8316 (Imperial)

E500 701 (57.2) S076 C – Select Cherry – CC Amber W3-6828 (Russell)

E1023 S060 – Select Red Oak – CC Audacity W3-9490 with Artisan Licorice Glaze (Trenton)

E2600 P2D – Select Cherry – Clear Lacquer (Southland)

E7502 M – Select Cherry – Clear Lacquer (Bonneville)

E8600 Q – Premium Hickory – CC Amber W3-6828 with Artisan Licorice Glaze (Alexandria)

E8632 P1J – Select Cherry – CC Winter Fog W3-9501 (Harmony)

E8700 S070 – Select Cherry – CC Cafe W3-8778 (Norquay)

E8730 P2F – Select White Maple – CC Audacity W3-9490 (Findley)

Lattice Wine Rack – Select White Maple – Clear Lacquer

Side View Dovetail Joint