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Henry Friesen, with his father, Harry A. Friesen, first opened the doors of Canadian Lumber on September 15, 1987. Henry recalls his first desk being an old water barrel, where he placed orders for lumber and other supplies from his Winnipeg suppliers.

Canadian Lumber has come a long way, but still believes in the core value, that if they help their customers succeed, they will succeed.

Brenda & Henry Friesen
Owners / General Manager

Canadian Lumber defines their Customers, Staff & Suppliers as partners.

Canadian Lumber will work together with our partners honestly & with the highest level of integrity. We believe that in order to be successful, our partners must also be successful. We will endeavor to do our best everyday, and are committed to having fun while we accomplish this. We will also encourage our partners to do the same.

Our Team

Brian Penner
Winkler Manager
Dwight Neufeld
Morden Manager
Madison Sawatzky
Altona Manager